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Food & Beverage Industry Equipment

Over the past eight years DSL have undertaken numerous projects with a variety of Customers within the food industry including bread, cakes, spice, milk, brewing and wine producers. A number of customers have entrusted us with the complete refurbishment of their equipment and as a result we have gained vast experience on a number of areas.

Bakery Equipment

Recently DSL were involved with a major relocation project for one of the North West’s largest bakery and confectionary manufacturers. DSL’s role in this relocation was to remove several key items of equipment from the original site and return them once completely refurbished to the new site.

The equipment included Kemper Hoists, Dough Moulders and a Grid Lap Machine.

We have worked very closely with the Morton Mixers the equipment manufacturers on a number of refurbishment projects on different models of and we have every confidence that we can meet all the requirements of our existing and future customers.

Morton Mixers

A number of our customers have entrusted us with the full overhaul and refurbishment of their Morton Mixers including all gears, chains etc being cleaned and checked for wear and replaced where required.

We have worked on several models. The first repair required the manufacture of 2 beater paddles including recovering with Teflon as well as the full overhaul, it was necessary to modify the units to accept replacement motor gearbox units. On one of the other type of mixer we manufactured two new stainless steel rollers.

Added Value

On all mixer repairs we take photographs throughout each stage and video the final test run. All this information is supplied on a CD for customers on completion.

VMI Mixers

The main problem we have encountered with the VMI Mixers is the bowl rotation mechanism. We have found that the gears are normally worn and that the bowl is only operation in one direction only. These machines are a very top heavy unit and all the gearing is located beneath the main case iron body. On numerous occasions we have carried out in-situ repairs.

There are major health and safety risks involved if the work is not carried out correctly. We ensure that a full risk assessment and method statement is carried out and ensure that the area is made safe both for our own engineers and the customers’ operatives to ensure minimal disruption to normal production activities.

We are able to manufacture new gears and shafts as necessary to meet the reduce downtime to production.

Kemper Hoist Units

DSL overhauled both the mechanical and electrical components on the hoist units and installed the hoist on site on completion.

Spices & Savouries

DSL currently undertake work for a number of customers who produce a wide range of food products from jams and preserves to curry sauces and marinades. The equipment varies tremendously from tank farm mixers and stirrers to hopper feed fast packaging machines. All these machines have a wide range of motors, pumps and gearbox units and we currently support them on an ongoing basis.


DSL are experienced in the maintenance of equipment such as Homogenisers, Pasteurisation Lines, Cooling Towers, Bottling Plant and filling equipment e.g. Stork and Kister, as well as all types of pumping units throughout the sites.

Beer & Wine

DSL are currently a service provided for numerous breweries and micro breweries throughout the North West providing all mechanical, electrical, electronics and robot repairs services.


I wish to confirm that for a number of years Detailed Services Ltd. has been employed as a subcontractor. The contracts that DSL have been employed on include a mixture of Chemical, Food, Paper and general utilities.

All of the above clients require a high level of Safety, Health, Environmental and Legal management and DSL provide that entire requirement. Please feel free to contact myself to confirm DSL’s suitability to be a preferred supplier.

Senior Contract Manager

We have used DSL for several years now, and I can highly recommend their services. We have forged a strong working relationship between us throughout this time.

I have found them to be indispensable to our Timber business, always professional with good sound advice always available. They are very knowledgeable in their field, and quickly gain knowledge of our requirements also. They have become my 1st port of call, when I need assistance, or just advice.

Group Technical Manager

The installation of the kaizen cells has been achieved according to plan, budget and timescales avoiding any complications and production downtime. Your engineers have fully understood our requirements and have been a key part in delivering the project, working efficiently alongside our own personnel. All recommendations you have made along the way have served towards a successful installation.

We intend to use this project as a benchmark for the rest of our production areas. DSL will be an integral part of the team that will implement these changes. Please give our thanks to all involved in the project.

Site Services & HSE Manager
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