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There's Always a Home for Great People at DSL

Our business model is a little different. Our business is built around our people. When someone joins our team, we go and find interesting, profitable assignments for them to work on that play to their strengths, skills and interests.

First and foremost we look for people with similar values and attitudes; for people who love the challenge and satisfaction for fixing things; and for people who have a natural engineering talent.

You may be highly experienced or you may just have a real desire and the talent to become an excellent engineer.

Take a look at our values, the attitudes we look for and the sort of work we do. If you feel we’ll be a good match, please get in touch. Whether you’re a raw recruit or a seasoned professional we’ll know if you’ve got what it takes.

In particular, we’re looking for:

  • Industrial Site Electrical Engineers – URGENT. Check out details below
  • Industrial Site Mechanical Engineers
  • Industrial Site Electro-Mechanical Engineers

Before you get in touch check to see if our Values and Attitudes resonate with you.


  • Integrity - Being authentic and genuine; taking responsibility for our actions and feelings; doing the right thing – even when no one would know
  • Persistence - Seeing things through, despite difficulties
  • Creativity - New ways of thinking and acting; looking at things differently and generating better solutions
  • Curiosity - Forever exploring and seeking insights and understanding; practically intrigued as to how things work - for no particular reason
  • Love of Learning - Constantly developing skills and knowledge
  • Hope - Positively expecting the best and working to achieve it
  • Humour - Enjoying laughter and making people laugh. Seeing the lighter side of life. Not taking ourselves too seriously


  • We keep our promises. And if we can't we'll say so straight away
  • We turn up on time or early
  • We work hard and always give our best
  • We do what’s right and best - not what's easiest or quickest
  • We keep going until we find a solution
  • We focus on value - delivering the right solution in return for fair and prompt payment
  • We respect and speak well of our colleagues, our suppliers, our customers, our associates and ourselves
  • We are friendly in our dealings with each other and everyone else
  • We communicate clearly, appropriately and regularly and endeavour to promote understanding
  • When we see something wrong we speak up
  • If we're stuck or can't do something we say so and seek assistance
  • We focus on strengths and building people up
  • We constantly strive to improve our skills and abilities

Industrial Electrical Site Engineering Opportunity

If you're a qualified/certified Electrical Engineer with industrial experience who enjoys a variety of challenges and enjoys constantly learning & growing as an engineer, then you'll enjoy working with us.

DSL are well-established, successful, progressive and growing. We pride ourselves on meeting the electro-mechanical needs (breakdowns, installations, shift cover) of our wide-ranging industrial customers in Trafford Park, Manchester and beyond.

DSL is run by engineers so we know what you face as an engineer on a day-to-day basis; we know how to train engineers; and we know how to bring out the best in you.

This is a role that comes with a competitive salary, day-shift work, a vehicle, a supportive work environment and the opportunity to grow and progress.

  • 2391 Inspection & Testing Qualified (or 2394 & 2395)
  • Industrial Electrician Training Apprenticeship
  • Industrial Electrical Experience
  • Familiar with completing RAMS
  • (i) Comfortable, calm and methodical when (ii) diagnosing a fault and (iii) fixing the problem whilst (iv) a customer is under pressure because their production line is at a standstill
  • Able to work by yourself without supervision when on-site
  • Communicate well with non-technical customers
  • Relish the challenge of fixing a piece of kit you may not have seen before
  • Comfortable crawling around inside machines and moving kit around!
  • Communicate well by completing accurate & concise 'paperwork'

If you're excited by this opportunity please send brief & concise answers to the following questions to info@dslengineering.co.uk

  • The best contact details (phone & email) and times to call you back
  • Your qualifications
  • Your experience
  • Why you'd be good at the type of work we do
  • What excites you about this opportunity

Please DO NOT send a CV.


I wish to confirm that for a number of years Detailed Services Ltd. has been employed as a subcontractor. The contracts that DSL have been employed on include a mixture of Chemical, Food, Paper and general utilities.

All of the above clients require a high level of Safety, Health, Environmental and Legal management and DSL provide that entire requirement. Please feel free to contact myself to confirm DSL’s suitability to be a preferred supplier.

Senior Contract Manager

We have used DSL for several years now, and I can highly recommend their services. We have forged a strong working relationship between us throughout this time.

I have found them to be indispensable to our Timber business, always professional with good sound advice always available. They are very knowledgeable in their field, and quickly gain knowledge of our requirements also. They have become my 1st port of call, when I need assistance, or just advice.

Group Technical Manager

The installation of the kaizen cells has been achieved according to plan, budget and timescales avoiding any complications and production downtime. Your engineers have fully understood our requirements and have been a key part in delivering the project, working efficiently alongside our own personnel. All recommendations you have made along the way have served towards a successful installation.

We intend to use this project as a benchmark for the rest of our production areas. DSL will be an integral part of the team that will implement these changes. Please give our thanks to all involved in the project.

Site Services & HSE Manager
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